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Our wines are made by wine farmers honestly toiling the soil, with sustainability and our environment in mind. This care results in a minimization of additives in the winemaking process, and a focus on a heightened, natural flavour.  Our wine list is constantly expanding and changing, as these artisanal winemakers tend to produce more limited releases of the individual wine and vintage. Our wonderful providers are the best of the best: Rosforth&Rosforth and Österreich wine.

By the glass

80,- to 130 DKK-



By the bottle

335,- to 1800,- DKK


Beer & soft drinks

Organic draft beer from local micro brewery Nørrebro Bryghus.

25. cl./40 cl. 40,-/60,-

Bottled organic sodas and juices from Søbogaard


We also offer rhubarb lemonade, sparkling and still water, coffee, a selection of cocktails, brandy, dessert wine and others.

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